Seeking for a documentation for the "HISTORY_RECORDS"

Hello everybody,

I am seeking for a documentation for the “HISTORY_RECORDS” you get with "oneacct -j"
I am particularly interested the meaning of “OID” and “SEQ”.
What is the trigger for the increase of the SEQ by one?

“OID”: “34”,
“SEQ”: “0”,
“HOSTNAME”: “********”,
“HID”: “2”,
“CID”: “100”,
“STIME”: “1439482200”,
“ETIME”: “1439900111”,
“VMMMAD”: “kvm”,
“VNMMAD”: “802.1Q”,
“TMMAD”: “qcow2”,
“DS_LOCATION”: “/var/lib/one//datastores”,
“DS_ID”: “108”,
“PSTIME”: “1439482200”,
“PETIME”: “1439482201”,
“RSTIME”: “1439482201”,
“RETIME”: “1439900111”,
“ESTIME”: “1439900111”,
“EETIME”: “1439900111”,
“REASON”: “2”,
“ACTION”: “5”,

If I was just too stupid to search, I’m sorry. Have searched a long time.



The json is the converted xml documented here, although not all fields are fully explained.

OID is the Virtual Machine ID, and SEQ is the sequence number. It increases for each history record, that is created when a new execution is started: a deploy, a resume after a poweroff/suspend, a migration…