Service in FAILED_DEPLOYING (VNet template address range)

Hi all,


  • is it possible to delete a Service in FAILED_DEPLOYING state from Sunstone?
  • is it possible to add an address range to the VNet created by a service template?

What I am trying to do:

  • I have a VNet template “Private VLAN” defined for my users (it is VXLAN-based, FWIW), with no address ranges assinged. So that users can instantiate this template and assign ranges as they need. This works for manually instantiated VNets.

  • I want to use this VNet template for instantiating a new VNet inside the Service template. However, when I do this, I didn’t find a way how to assign address ranges in the Service template, or during Service instantiation.

  • the service using such VNet template can be instantiated nevertheless, but it fails with FAILED_DEPLOYING, because the VMs which are being instantiated cannot get leases from the newly instantiated VNet, as was is created with no address ranges at all.

  • In this case, the partly-instantiated service cannot be deleted from Sunstone (at least I did not find out how to do this). I managed to delete the service from the command line using oneflow recover and oneflow delete after all.

(this is ONe 6.4.0, I didn’t upgrade to 6.6.0 CE yet)