Service Kubernetes 1.23 - VNF node VIP assignment

I am trying out “Service Kubernetes 1.23” to deploy k8s instances on private cloud and it requires me to assign “Control Plane Endpoint VIP” field. Is there a way to assign IP dynamically from virtual networks?
On the same note, is it possible to have a setup with 1 master and several workers and no vnf node?


Unfortunately there is no way to pick a VIP address automatically yet.

Conditional deployment of VNF nodes in this OneFlow model would be impractical for at least three reasons:

  1. Kubernetes cluster requires a “stable” Control Plane endpoint to be able to form a multi-master cluster, there is a significant effort required to reconfigure a single-master Kubernetes cluster to become multi-master, we’ve chosen to simplify automation at the cost of a single, small, alpine based VNF VM.

  2. OneKE is supposed to be HA-capable out of the box, so you not only can deploy multiple masters and workers, but you can also make sure that the LB used to create the Control Plane has some level of redundancy. You can deploy multiple VNF instances, then the VIP address will be assigned to one of them via the VRRP protocol.

  3. VNF does not only provide load-balancing, but also NAT and routing, so you can place your Kubernetes nodes inside a private VNET (without Internet access) and route all the traffic through the leader VNF node without the need of solving this problem at your network infrastructure level.

If you’re looking for a simpler non-HA solution perhaps deploying a simple single-master k3s cluster may be a better fit?


Thank you very much Michal for the detailed explanation. I have looked into k3s cluster as well but I only could find “Service K3s 1.21.5”. Is more recent versions for K3S will be supported soon?