Shared Datastore not recognizing


Unable to sync the Datastore in our newly installed Onecloud, as am new to opennebula, any steps I need to follow.


Can you please describe what is exactly happening? Any error messages in the logs?

Just in case you missed it, the shared drivers assume that the storage is already configured and shared. See here for more details:

Hi Martin,

thanks for the information am evaluating the cloud, am a beginner to open nebula, installed the OVA file in my lab and able to add the hosts (Clusters) into the cloud.

And able to create the VM’s using templates.

Here I want to know the below things.

  1. How can we see the data stores after logged in as “Cloud Admin” under infrastructure am unable to view the same.
  2. is there any process need to do, please help me with that.
    3.From where I can get the logs in case of any errors.
    4.How can we create "Tenants" like in VRA is there any BLUEPRINTS that we need to create for the tenants.
    5.How the user will check the available templates from the UI.

Thanks in Advance,


What you see in sunstone (the web interface) is controlled by the “view”. Different types of users have different views, because not all of them have the same level of knowledge of the infrastructure.

This is explained in detail here:

All the log files are in /var/log/one, unless you enable the syslog option. In sunstone you will see error messages inside some resources, and for VMs the complete log file is also displayed.

For more info about log files, read:

In OpenNebula you have groups to organize the users, and VDCs to manage what resources can be used by those groups. As the cloud administrator you can define VM Templates, that will be consumed by the end users via the self-service cloud view.

Using the new VM form in the cloud view.

Thanks Martin,

helping me in understanding, created a Group and VDC in our test lab environment, while trying to attach templates into the VDC unable to do so. From Where I can do the same.

is there any Document step - by - Step which can explain the creation of a cloud including Groups and VDC’s till publishing a VM.

if yes please help me with that.

Yes, there is a quick start guide in our documentation: