Should the frontend server (sunstone) be a kvm host as well?

At the moment our sunstone server is registered in OpenNebula as host as well. So there are VMs running on this server as well. I would like to have all VMs on other hosts. The easiest is to just mark this host as disabled. But I was wondering if I could delete this host from OpenNebula as well. Or is there a mandatory reason why this server needs to be registered as well?

hi, if you just (live) migrate the VM’s to other host, you can delete the host from Sunstone.
If you want, you can also uninstall qermu/kvm and uninstall the opennebula-node package, just be careful that apt or yum will not uninstall too many packages (might break Sunstone). There is no need for the server to be a host for VM’s, so you can safely disable/delete it from your cloud. As long as the oneadmin user can still reach the other hosts using passwordless SSH, everything will be fine.

Another option could be to set a reservation for Sunstone/DB performance, so you can keep using it as a host + suntone. You could assign 80% or 90% of CPU and memory for VM host usage, which will reserve some CPU and mem. for Sunstone.

Ah, that’s a good idea with the CPU and MEM reservation. Thank you.