VMs are on different Hosts than ONE is thinking

Hello everyone,

due to some issues with the host running our Sunstone Instance (both System SSDs died) we had to move VMs with a backed up Version of our Sunstone VM.

After Recovery of our Host we had to go back to the old sunstone, but now ONE is not aware of the real host a VM is running on.

Is there a way to sync back the “real” state of vms into one? I’ve tried onedb fsck, but it is not working as i hoped.


Hello @ChrisD,

Currently there is no easy way of fixing this, we have an issue for implementing this tough.

Probably the simplest way of re-sync the DB, is to shutdown the VM manually in the hypervisor (virsh -c qemu:///system destroy one-<vm_id>) and after that, just resume the VM again so OpenNebula will resume the VM in the expected host.

Note that this will only work if you have shared storage, if not you will need to copy the information of the system datastore.