[SOLVED] Error creating VM after upgrade to 5.6


After upgrade OpennNebula from 5.4.13 to 5.6, I can’t create VMs in Sunstone. When I try create VM, occurs this error:

“[one.template.instantiate] User [95] : User Template includes a restricted attribute USER_INPUTS.”

This error do not happen with oneadmin user.

Any ideas?

Check the restricted attributes defined in /etc/one/oned.conf, the VM Template is probably trying to use a redefinition of the following attributes which are defined by default as restricted:



Thank you! The problem has resolved.

Hello @tinova, would you please explain us how to use restricted attrs? I asking it in this thread Understanding restricted attrs

I like to understand how to use it. I like idea, but I don’t know how to approach to this feature.

My understanding was, that I can define some basic templates, for ex. with USER_INPUTS/VCPU where I define how much VCPUs can user assign to one VM or DISK/TOTAL_IOPS to limit user VM i/o and user can’t modify it, because it is restricted attr, but it doens’t work this way… Please explain. Thanks