VM Restricted Attribute not working


Following the answer of Carlos Martín I open this thread for checking this issue. I paste my original post:

"We have upgraded our 4.8 environment to the 4.12 version. We are very interested in blocking the CPU modifications done by users; we want to create a template and only allow to modify the VM capacity for vCPUs and Memory.

We have added this line to oned.conf:

But now we can’t modify the VM vCPU nor the Memory… This error appears in Sunstone:
[VirtualMachineResize] User [41] : Template includes a restricted attribute CPU."

It seems that Sunstone sends always all the parameters (RAM, CPU, vCPU…) regardless if you modify one or not.


Hi José,

When I asked you to open a ticket at our dev portal, I meant our redmine. I already opened a ticket here. The lists were moved to this forum, but the development tickets are still managed through redmine.

We usually prefer people to open a ticket themselves because it’s useful for us to differentiate requests/bugs reported by users :smile:


Sorry for the misunderstanding!!!

And thank you!