4.12 beta and cost_cpu function


Just tried out the new feature but whenever i try to start a VM with this
feature activated as a regular user i get:

“[TemplateInstantiate] User [2] : VM Template includes a restricted attribute

Where and what should be changed to get this working?



Who is the owner of the VM Template? Is it a user outside the oneadmin group?

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Oops just saw my replies i made via email are empty.

But to answer your questions Carlos, the user i used was not in the oneadmin group. I changed that right away but the problem remains.



We’ve been discussing this problem, and we decided to solve it moving the restricted attribute checks to the template creation.
So in the final release the cpu/mem cost attributes are checked when the template is created or updated, not when it is instantiated. This has two main outcomes:

  • A user will not be able to create a template that will fail later. They will know from the first moment that they can’t use the cost attributes.
  • The admin can create a template with cost, change the owner, and the new owner will be able to instantiate without problems

Thanks for your feedback!