VM Restricted Attribute


We have upgraded our 4.8 environment to the 4.12 version. We are very interested in blocking the CPU modifications done by users; we want to create a template and only allow to modify the VM capacity for vCPUs and Memory.

We have added this line to oned.conf:

But now we can’t modify the VM vCPU nor the Memory… This error appears in Sunstone:
[VirtualMachineResize] User [41] : Template includes a restricted attribute CPU.

Is it the expected behaviour? I thought that the above oned.conf line would only block the CPU field modification.



Yes, that is the expected behaviour… from the code perspective at least. It will probably work as expected if you do the resize from the command line (onevm resize --vcpu --memory).

The problem seems to be that sunstone is sending the 3 parameters always, even if the cpu slider is not changed. Please open a ticket in our dev portal to solve this, and send only the attributes for which the value changes.