[SOLVED] Migrate VM between datastores

I just want to ask if it is possible to migrate VM between datastores of various types. Will it change deployment file according to actual datastore settings? I am running 5.x.


Hello @Snowman

Currently you can’t migrate VMs to another system datastore with different TM_MAD.

Great, so between TM_MAD qcow2 DS its possible! Will it be possible in future to migrate between various TM_MAD datastores? Dunno if there is some future request,s but it would be really usefull. i.e. when upgrading SDS like CEPH / Gluster / DRBD. So plan would be to migrate VMs to another SDS/DS and than upgrade software, after successful upgrade I would be able to bring VMs back for test or production again.

Thanks! BR.

There is an issue opened on GitHub, so it will be done in future releases.

It’s really new! 5 days ago :slight_smile: I will stay tunned.