[SOLVED] XML-RPC API one.vmpool.info changes in 5.8.x

Hi all

We are testing the new 5.8.1 release and the RPC API in our testbed and we found a few API changes that are not included in the release notes, for instance one.vmpool.info method, it was included a new input:

IN String Filter in KEY=VALUE format

but reading the documentation https://docs.opennebula.org/5.8/integration/system_interfaces/api.html#actions-for-virtual-machine-management it does not provide any information about how it behaves if you provide an empty string.

Also it was included a new method one.vmpool.infoextended but the documentation does not provide any extra information or output example about this method, it provides the same info that one.vmpool.info.

It would be possible to include more information about these new options and methods in the current documentation?

We are testing the new one.vmpool.info but it behaves in a different way in 5.8.x, for instance it does not provide the user’s attributes from the “USER TEMPLATE” section, just the VM “LABELS”, so we do not get all the information from the xml.
We are not sure if this is an issue or if something is missing in our RPC command.

Thanks in advance

Hello @alvaro_simongarcia,

In OpenNebula 5.8.x the information returned by one.vmpool.info have been reduce in order to improve the performance in large deployments. That’s why there is a new API call one.vmpool.infoextended which return the entire VM body.

Here you can find more information about info extended.

Here you can find more information about info.

Hi @ahuertas

Thanks a lot for the info! now it makes sense, we have to use the new method one.vmpool.infoextended in some cases to read some adhoc variables.

Cheers and thank!

I noticed that querying remote OpenNebula-based clouds with versions older than 5.8.x (e.g. 5.2.x, 5.6.x, 5.0.x) using XML-RPC calls from the ONE v.5.8.1 cli I have an error message as below:

[user@one-5.8.1]$ onevm list --endpoint <XML-RPC remote cloud endpoint> --user <user> --password <password>
 Method 'one.vmpool.infoextended' not defined

Is there any way to get a proper output in such setup when ONE cli has 5.8.x version but remote ONE clouds have earlier versions?