[SOLVED] One.vmpool.info


with OpenNebula 5.8 we get a reduced version of one.vmpool.info using the xmlrpc-api.
Unfortunately I’m relying on certain attributes in the USER_TEMPLATE for some functionality which now stopped working properly due to the update.

Is there a way to (partially) reactivate the previous behavior that delivered the complete USER_TEMPLATE? Or is it maybe possible to define which attributes shall be delivered?

The only way I see to get the respective USER_TEMPLATE attributes would be to query the vmpool and afterwards query every single vm that was retrieved by the filtered vmpool-query result. This works, but is very horrible from a performance point of view.

Best regards,

Hi @danielm

Maybe this helps you http://docs.opennebula.org/5.8/intro_release_notes/release_notes/known_issues.html#upgrade-process

Yes that helped! Thank you very much!