XML-RPC API one.vm.updateconf remove GRAPHICS config section

Hi all, I am using XML-RPC API to change VM configuration, the action I use is one.vm.updateconf:

VM_ID = 3001
XML_TEMPLATE = 'RAW=[type=“kvm”,data="<cpu match=\“exact\” mode=\“host-model\”>"]'
response = proxy.one.vm.updateconf( ONE_AUTH, VM_ID, XML_TEMPLATE )

It can update the RAW section correctly. However, it also clears GRAPHICS section, so I lose the VNC configuration. Is it a bug or I do anything wrong?

Versions of the related components and OS (frontend, hypervisors, VMs):
Opennebula 5.2.1

Current results:
Update RAW config section and remove GRAPHICS section
Expected results:
Only update RAW config section

The same error.