Special VXLAN + VLANs configuration


We are evaluating OpenNebula for building a private Cloud for our customers.
One of our clients has a little bit special network configuration.
VM1 must have a VXLAN attached (to separate the traffic from other clients), used as a trunk: all VLANs are allowed. Inside this VM, of course, we will have eth0.xxx vlans.
This works great.

VM2 must have access to the same VXLAN, also as a trunk, but with only some VLANs allowed to be used.

I tried a lot of combinations, but seems that OpenNebula, out-of-the-box, cannot support this kind of configuration. Am I wrong?

Of course, if, outside OpenNebula, I am defining the VXLAN, then I can achieve what I want. But I do not want anything to happen outside OpenNebula.

Versions of the related components and OS (frontend, hypervisors, VMs):
5.6.1, Debian 9

Thank you!