STALE issues - may need attention

Hey everyone,

We recently installed a “stale bot” which identified a few dozen issues that haven’t been updated in about a year. We are going through the list of these “stale issues” and prioritizing the ones that we initially think need to be addressed. However, if you have any open issues that haven’t been addressed in a long time, and still think that they should be looked into, be sure to “bump” those issues to keep them fresh in the queue.

Any issue that hasn’t been updated in 365 days is identified as “stale”, and then has a period of 30 days more until it is automatically closed.

We’ll do our best to address these accordingly.


How to we see closed issues? I searched my old posts and I am unable to somehow solve / close them. Thanks

If the bot has already marked an issue to be closed, it will automatically be closed after 30 days. There’s no need to do anything. If you would like to close an issue that was migrated from Redmine, simply put a comment mentioning that.