Static IPv6 addresses (non-SLAAC) in ONe 5.4


I have upgraded to 5.4 and want to use the new feature in 5.4: non-SLAAC IPv6 address asingnment. To sum it up, I want to have a VNet with a /24 IPv4 prefix, a /64 IPv6 prefix, and have IP addresses assigned in the VM config statically: I want ONe to use to IPv4 addresses, and at least 3ffe:ffff::2 to 3ffe:ffff::fe (but preferably the whole 3ffe:ffff::/64 range) addresses.

I opened the VNet in question in Sunstone, clicked on its only Address range, and wanted to edit it. The first unusual thing is that in the Sunstone page of that Address range, there is an attribute named UNDEFINED, with value on. Now when I click on Update, there is a slider labeled “SLAAC”, which is enabled. When I disable it, the field IPv6 Global Prefix is replaced by an empty field IPv6, and the filed IPv6 ULA Prefix is replaced by field labeled Prefix Length. So I fill in 3ffe:ffff:: to the IPv6 field, and 64 to the Prefix Length field. After clicking on Advanced Options, there is indeed an attribute named UNDEFINED with value on. I try to remove id by clicking on (x) on the right side. Finally, I try to save the changes by clicking on the green Update button.

No errors are reported, but the UNDEFINED attribute is still there. Also, when I try to update the given Address range again, the SLAAC slider is still on, and the IPv6 global prefix field has its previous value. When I try to instantiate a new VM with this VNet, it gets the correct IPv4 address, but despite of ETH0_GLOBAL_IPV6 attribute being set in the template, it gets another IPv6 address, based on the global prefix and the local part generated from the MAC address, with sixth most significant bit flipped and fffe added in the middle.

How can I set up the static IPv6 address assignment in 5.4.?

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