Storage driver available for Saturnring Open-source iSCSI scaleout storage

Hi everyone.

I have created an OpenNebula storage driver for Saturnring open-source scale-out iSCSI-based block storage. It is open-sourced as part of Saturnring (Apache2 license). This could benefit users needing to deploy a block storage system with OpenNebula.

This OpenNebula driver supports persistent block devices, backed by Saturnring iSCSI storage targets, for OpenNebula VMs. This driver borrows ideas and code from the addon-iscsi sample (

More information about the driver:



It sounds great! Do you want it to be added as an addon in


Yes please, that will be very beneficial to get the word out. Can you point me to some documentation around the process and to-dos.


Guidelines are located at the Make and Lead a New Add-on page. You can also take a look at the iSCSI repository as an example.

I see that the repository has at the main level the code for the storage system and the OpenNebula integration is in one of the subdirectories. Is it possible that the README file for the addon is at the root level. Or at least that both the addon information and the storage system is there. That way people will see that information as soon as they go to the repository.

Give me the name of the repository you want me to create (for example addon-saturnring) and I’ll create it and give you admin permissions.

Thanks Javi

I’ll do as you propose.

For repository name, can we use “addon-saturnring-iscsi”?


Thanks, I’ll do as you propose.

For the repo name can you set it to “addon-saturnring-iscsi”

I’ve just created the repository and gave your github user admin permissions. If you have any problem or need me to add more users with write permissions just tell me. Thanks!

Thanks, I’ll start work on bringing the Saturnring iSCSI driver into the repo with the guidelines in mind.

Hi Javi, all

The Saturnring storage OpenNebula driver code is now checked into the repository you created. Please let me know what can be fixed/improved.


I would only add the sections Development, Authors and Requirements from the standard README file. You can use this one as a template:

I’ll add it to the addons page after that.

As a side note the addon is already mentioned in this month’s newsletter.

Thanks for the hints.

I’ve modified the README file and added these details. I saw the mention in the newsletter - looks good.



Great. I’ve updated the addon catalog and tweeted about it.

If you want to create a technical post in out blog just tell me and I’ll create you an account.


Hi Javi,

I’ll work on a technical blog post for this and ping you when its ready for publishing.