[Contribution] HPE 3PAR Storage driver

Hello, FeldHost™ like to announce the availability of a new HPE 3PAR storage driver for OpenNebula.


Support standard OpenNebula datastore operations:

  • datastore configuration via CLI
  • all Datastore MAD(DATASTORE_MAD) and Transfer Manager MAD(TM_MAD) functionality
  • SYSTEM datastore
  • TRIM/discard in the VM when the virtio-scsi driver is in use (require DEV_PREFIX=sd and DISCARD=unmap)
  • disk images can be fully provisioned, thin provisioned, thin deduplicated, thin compressed or thin deduplicated and compressed RAW block devices
  • support different 3PAR CPGs as separate datastores
  • support for 3PAR Priority Optimization Policy (QoS)
  • live VM snapshots
  • live VM migrations

Project repository: https://gitlab.feldhost.cz/feldhost-public/one-addon-3par

We also have sunstone integration done but in a separate project.

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This is great, Kristian!
This would be great to officially include into the OpenNebula Add-on Catalog. Take a look at the steps that we have outlined for Add-on Catalog contribution, (https://github.com/OpenNebula/one/wiki/How-to-participate-in-Add_on-Development). Once you complete the steps 1 through 4, let me know, and we will pick things up at step 5 to get the Add-on published in our Catalog and hosted on our GitHub.

Nice work!

Hi @mabdou, I think, that project has already done steps 1-4, so you can create repo in your namespace and assign me rights.

That is great @feldsam ! We have created the repository for you on our OpenNebula GitHub - https://github.com/OpenNebula/addon-3par . Now, you should work on creating the README doc and LICENSE file, as outlined in Step 6 of our documented procedures.
We will assume that you are the Add-on leader.


Hello, sources are pushed to provded repo. You can list addon in catalog