Strange problem with imported machine

I have opennebula, I have gone to import a machine and it’s imported correctly.

When I have gone to boot it, from opennebula, after start , automatically it renamed the name with old machine name.

This name is a machine that had been imported long ago and is already deleted.

From here on you could not perform any action with this machine.
I have removed it and re-imported it and I continuing with the same error. Any idea?

Is there any way, through the ssh, to remove old entries (machines)?

Thank you.

Hi Sergi!,
could you answer the following questions?

  • What OpenNebula version are you running?
  • Are you using Sunstone or the command-line when performing this actions?
  • What is the ID number of the VM you’ve booted?
  • Just to confirm, when you say you’ve imported a machine you mean that you have imported a wild virtual machine?