Sunstone and the START_SCRIPT in 5.10


is it really just me? I’m running a few ONe installations for non-profit use cases: some I recently upgraded to 5.10.1, some I just recently installed with 5.10.1. I noticed an odd behaviour in Sunstone with the START_SCRIPT feature of Templates in Sunstone: If one does a onetemplate show, everything is there. If you click on /#template_template_tab, you see e. g. there’s a START_SCRIPT/START_SCRIPT_BASE64 variable. Trying to update, in /#templates-tab/form there’s just an empty input field.


Hello @wusel

That bug is solved in 5.12 release, there were some problems related with update operation in Sunstone, but they are already solved.


Thank you, didn’t find it in the Release Notes. Will update then :wink: