Sunstone from current rpms not starting

I’ve reported an issue at where sunstone won’t start up from self-built 5.10.5 rpms due to a missing .js file. I should try to have another go at debugging it, but before I do, I wonder if anyone has any insight into what might be happening or what to look at as it’s not straightforward. (I’m not trying to hassle for a fix!)

Hi @loveshack,

Roughly my build script is as follow

pushd one.git
git fetch --all
git archive --prefix="$oneName/" -o "../${oneSrcTargz}" "$branch"
rm -rf "$oneName"
tar xf "$oneSrcTargz"
pushd "${oneName}/share/man"
pushd "${oneName}/src/sunstone/public"
./ -d
export PATH=$PATH:$(pwd)/node_modules/.bin
rm -rf node_modules/
tar -czf "${oneTargz}" "${oneName}/"

And then feed packages/ with ${oneTargz}

Did not observe missing js files.

Best Regards,
Anton Todorov