Suspend VM in PowerOff State


If I don’t misread yesterday (or a week), I read that there is a new feature when VM on poweroff state, it can be suspended.

Today I want to make sure, but I’m not remember, at what article I read this. I dive to ONE GitHub but still can’t found the clue about this feature.

Is this new feature really exists?


Suspending a VM simply means the VM will be powered off but the state of the VM (content of its memory) will be saved and loaded later once the VM resumes. Powering off the VM simply will not save the state and it will need to be reinitialized once resumed.

Quoting the VM state documentation

|susp|Suspended|Same as stopped, but the files are left in the host to later resume the VM there (i.e. there is no need to re-schedule the VM).|

|poff|PowerOff|Same as suspended, but no checkpoint file is generated. Note that the files are left in the host to later boot the VM there. When the VM guest is shutdown, OpenNebula will put the VM in this state.

So it doesn’t really make sense to save a state of a VM that has no state after being powered off.

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Thanks for clarifying this @dclavijo
I will mark this thread as solved.

i knew from OpenNebula 5.12, when suspending a vm, the vm does loose all their qcow2 snapshot (they will disappear in the sunstone gui, bot indeed are still availabe when you show them with qemu-img). Is this behave the same with the new version of OpenNebula (6.x) ?