Testing resizing a VM Capacity/Disk - OpenNebula 4.14 Beta


I would like to test the resizing a VM Capacity/Disk in OpenNebula 4.14 Beta release.

According to the release notes, http://docs.opennebula.org/4.14/user/virtual_resource_management/vm_guide_2.html#id1 , I see I can do this from Sunstone UI and from the “Virtual Resources” - “Templates” - “Instantiate”. On the release notes, I see that when trying to instantiate a VM I should see something like “Disks” and its size and custom attributes field but I don’t see these fields.

I had a look at the sunstone views but I did not see any option for enabling this. Probably, I am not understanding it correctly or maybe, this features is not included on this beta release yet.

In any case, I would appreciate any help on it :smile:

Thanks in advance,

hi Esteban,

the beta release notes also state, that specific feature is not yet in beta1.
hang in there :slight_smile:

Another major feature is the ability to resize an existing disk [Not in Beta1], for all the supported OpenNebula backends.


Hi Roland,

Sorry, I am in the phase that I want to test all the new features and I did not realize of it :smile: