Unable to resize vm disk

When I attempt to resize any VM disk on either of my hosts I get the following error:
[one.vm.diskresize] New disk size has to be greater than current one
This just started today. I confirmed there is plenty of disk space on both hosts. I also have no snapshots.

The VM template shows: ORIGINAL_SIZE = “10240”; I’m attempting to resize to 200GB

I’m attempting this from Sunstone using OpenNebula 5.4.6 on Centos 7.

Any idea what I should look at?

Additional information . . .

I believe I know why disk resizing stopped working just yesterday. Coincidentally my servers were bounced yesterday morning. As a result of this I assume OpenNebula was automatically updated to version 5.4.6. Prior to this I was running on version 5.4.2. I’m guessing the problem may have been introduced in version 5.4.4 because a change was made to the disk size slider functionality.

Update . . .
I was finally able to work around this for now with CLI command:
onevm disk-resize
Note size must be in megabytes. So for increasing my disk size to 200 GB I entered:
onevm disk-resize 250 3 204800.

Hello All,

I have used opennebula 5.4.6 version and created two VM on it, after that trying to resize existing VM disk space 40 GB to 60GB, then got an error.
“New disk size has to be greater than current one”

Also same configuration and settings used with older version 5.4.1, with this no one any type of issue of disk resize.

Might be bug ???


It is bug #1671 resolved in HotFix release 5.4.7(release notes) so it will be available in the next regular release too.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,
Anton Todorov