Troubleshoot VNC 500 Error

Hi All,

I’m on 6.6 and noticed today the VNC console in Sunstone is not working. When I click on the VNC button, I get two notifications:

VM startguac_action: 152 >> vnc


It appears there was a server exception. Please check server's log.

I looked everywhere in /var/log/one/ and couldn’t find anything other than a 500 for this request:

[17/Jun/2023:08:31:51 +0000] "POST /vm/152/guac/vnc HTTP/1.1" 500 - 0.3126

Any hint on how to troubleshoot this would be appreciated, thanks!

As a workaround, I have commented out the following two lines

#:private_fireedge_endpoint: http://localhost:2618
#:public_fireedge_endpoint: https://[redacted]

Which brings me back to the pre-Guacamole VNC experience.

EDIT: Another thing which might be relevant - Guacamole works no issues in Fireedge. So looks like the 500 is triggered before I’m even forwarded there.

I have removed all custom config and the issue still shows - at this point I think we should consider it a bug and have raised Guacamole VNC Throws 500 in Sunstone · Issue #6244 · OpenNebula/one · GitHub.

Will move discussion there.