Unable to run linux container

Hello everyone. I use firecracker-hypervisor, and downloaded an ubuntu-image from the built-in appstore. The container boots up, but I’ve no access to it. So I can’t show the console output.
If I want to add a network-interface to access the system, I get:

Driver Error
Tue Apr 12 11:13:43 2022: DEPLOY: DEBUG: deploy: Creating VM: ‘screen -dmS one-76 sudo -n jailer --id one-76 --node 1 --exec-file /usr/bin/firecracker --uid 9869 --gid 9869 – --config-file deployment.file’ MicroVM process did not start. ExitCode: 255
In menu “Storage” → “Images”, I get “Status: Error”

Do you have any hints how to troubleshoot this problem?
I tried it with Nginx and followed instructions in this Opennebula-video:

It also doesn’t work
Because I’m completely new to this container subject, please keep it simple :slight_smile:

Thank you

Versions of the related components and OS (frontend, hypervisors, VMs):
Opennebula-Testsystem: Just one node.
Opennebula 6.2
Hypervisor: Firecracker
Ubuntu-impish - LXD
Services installed: opennebula, opennebula-flow, opennebula-gate, opennebula-sunstone, opennebula-kvm, opennebula-firecracker, opennebula-fireedge

Steps to reproduce:
Attach NIC or network-connectivity to guest, and it doesn’t boot up.

Current results:
Booterror, Failure

Expected results:

In order to correctly create a firecracker host, please check the official guide. It is possible you are missing this step required for an operational networking for the microvms. Note that firecracker creates microvms, not Linux Containers, for those you need either the LXC/LXD drivers.

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