OpenNebula + Firecracker: Building the Future of On-Premises Serverless Computing

We are extremely happy to announce⁠—and this isn’t an April Fools’ Day prank⁠—that Firecracker will be officially supported as a new hypervisor⁠ in the upcoming OpenNebula v.5.12!!! :partying_face:

@cgonzalez and the rest of the Engineering Team here at OpenNebula Systems have been working really hard to get this up and running :muscle:

See this new integration in action deploying Docker images from Docker Hub

Hope you find this new features as exciting as we do! As always, feedback is more than welcome! :nerd_face:



Thank you very much for all your work for this awesome software.
Opennebula is big of features and a powerful software. The learning curve is tense for people like me who started from almost no knowledge.
I’m trying to understand what we were talking about, firecracker? I took time to watch the video then I started my research on the web and I started to understand what is a microVM and how it works. But after all this time I can not understand the use case of a microVM. What can I run in a MicroVM, everything like in a VM?


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Hello @anon6129599,

Let me quote the Firecracker official page to answer you:

Until now, you needed to choose between containers with fast startup times and high density, or VMs with strong hardware-virtualization-based security and workload isolation. With Firecracker, you no longer have to choose. Firecracker enables you to deploy workloads in lightweight virtual machines, called microVMs, which provide enhanced security and workload isolation over traditional VMs, while enabling the speed and resource efficiency of containers.

The idea of microVMs is to provide a way to deploy lighter VMs with less overhead, reducing the gap between the concept of VM and that of a container, thus allowing admins to manage container workloads in a more secure way, which is really important in a multi tenant environment.

Hope that clarified things a bit! :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone,

Is it possible to deploy OpenNebula on top of vsphere with this feature ?


Hi there! There two virtualization technologies can co-exist under the same OpenNebula instance, but you’d need a separate (Linux) node for deploying the Firecracker microVMs:

PS - Remember we have a specific micro-site with more resources on Firecracker: :wink: