Unauthorized access to SunStone server ONE 4.8

Good morning,

I’ve found a bit strange issue regarding SunStone login with oneadmin.

The “host” param within the SunsStone server config file is I can access to it remotely, I type the user and the password, and login is correct. The dashboard appears but then the interface returns to login window.

If I login with Firefug, I can see several errors when SunStone tries to access a certain ONE resource. As an example:

GET 401 (Unauthorized)

However, when I check “Keep me logged in”, I can navigate in SunStone server without problems.

Does anybody why is this happening?. It would be great if this shuouldn’t be marked.

Thank you very much.

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Could you check if the clock of the machine where Sunstone server is running is synced?


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The clock of the server wasn’t synced. It works :slight_smile:

Thank you very much,

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