Undefined method `portgroup' for nil:NilClass

Good afternoon, I’m just starting to learn cloud technologies, please help me with an error.
I have esxi, vcenter and vOneCloud.
Follow the instructions in this video: vOneCloud - Deploy your OpenNebula Cloud on vSphere in 5 minutes! - YouTube

But, when i connect VM Network, i have 1 - VM Network - Port Group, and I’m catching error :
Networks with ref network-12 could not be imported. undefined method `portgroup’ for nil:NilClass.

And then when importing I catch another error:

Template with ref vm-41 could not be imported. There was an error trying to create a virtual network to repesent a vCenter network for a VM or VM Template. Reason: undefined method `portgroup’ for nil:NilClass

Please help me figure it out.

Hello @TopOwl,

If you are able to reproduce the error, please open an issue in our GitHub with the specific steps, so the team can evaluate it.