NSX-V cannot import network

When trying to import an NSX-V managed network getting the error “Networks with ref dvportgroup-17513 could not be imported VirtualWire with name: vxw-dvs-402-virtualwire-50-sid-10037-acts-data-4 not found”

Under the NSX section at host OpenNebula is getting the version and NSX_TRANSPORT_ZONES.

Any pointers?


Could you confirm that you got the error when you trying to import in Sunstone?

Could you please send us the output of the command:

onevcenter list_all -o networks -h <host-id>
onehost show -x <host-id>

Where is the ID of the Host where that Network is located.

So please raise the DEBUG level to 5 and restart OpenNebula, then try to import the network from the CLI, and send us the logs.

In order to raise the DEBUG_LEVEL you can enter to oned.conf and put