Import Wild VM error

i am trying to import a wild VM from our VMC ( AMAZON ) and i get the following error:
Wild with ref vm-231 could not be imported There was an error trying to create a virtual network to repesent a vCenter network for a VM or VM Template. Reason: undefined method `network’ for #

we are using NSX on that DAtaCenter

thank you

Hi, which NSX are you using NSX-V or NSX-T?

we are using NSX-T

Hi, NSX-T uses new opaque network interfaces, that are not yet implemented in opennebula.

Is NSX-V supported ?

You should be able to import wild VMs using NSX-V network interfaces.
We’re working on supporting the most important features of NSX-V into OpenNebula right now and probably NSX-T probably the following…

which version running on VMC ? and support also NSX – V ?

we are on VMC

Thank you

I think vmc versions prior to 1.4 worked with NSX-V, i’m not sure but i think NSX-T was introduced in version 1.4 so opennebula should work until that release. But i don’t know if you can use NSX-V in vmc anymore…

i meant VMC ( Vmware on Cloud ) and not VNC :slight_smile:

Don’t worry i understood the first time. Probably we’ll have good news soon about this. Stay tunned on OpenNebula twitter, OpenNebulaConf, etc