Uploading Compressed Images

Hello OpenNebula Community.

I noticed in the documentation there’s not much info about the compressed images. More specifically I’m talking about the datastore checkbox option “do not try to untar or decompress”. When using LXDoNe the base images are pretty small compared to KVM images. The xz compressed tarballs of our base image is just 160MB so far and 1G decompressed.
Uploading a 1G file is not the same as a uploading a small tarball. Right now the workaround we are using is scp lxdone-image.tar.gz to /var/tmp/ in the datastore, tar -xf and uploading with “Path in OpenNebula server”.

The reasons I’m using that way and not uploading the compressed tarball to the datastore are the following:

  • Lack of support for tar.xz tarballs
  • OpenNebula decompresses the contents of the tarball inside a folder

Using just gzip works for us, but the last one is a constraint. OpenNebula creates some sort of uuid per image inside /var/lib/one/datastore/id/ but the thing is the tarball contents are extracted into a folder instead of directly getting the content, so I have the raw image inside a folder. Without the folder things would be really good.

How can I change this behavior?
Is there a plan to enable support for xz compression?

Anyone? Developers?