Using a new DB (e.g. Postgres)

I’ve been asked about using Postgres instead of MySQL, though I don’t know how important that is. How difficult would it be to implement a suitable driver if it was really required?

I assume there’s nothing too specific in there, given support for both SQLite and MySQL, but I’m not very familiar with the code (or Ruby), so I’d be grateful for an expert opinion initially. Sorry I can’t arrange to “fund a feature”.

Hello @loveshack , there is WIP support for PostgreSQL (tracked in done by one student as part of bachelor thesis. His changes currently cover working support in oned, the main part. The support in tooling (Ruby onedb) is for now missing, but anyway it looks very promising. Hard to say if the final code will be part of 5.12 or the release after. At the end, I don’t think there will be much benefits in running on PostgreSQL except the user preference or better user tuning / maintenance knowledge… Best, Vlastimil

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Thanks. I wonder why I didn’t find that.

I think the idea is that PostgreSQL is already in use, and thought more robust. I wonder whether support will avoid the issues with MySQL versions I found (see submitted doc changes).

PostgreSQL support is now available in OpenNebula 5.12 as a Technology Preview - not recommended for production deployments yet, any (testing) feedback is very welcomed. See dedicated documentation -

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