Vcenter Datastore in OpenNebula

Dear Team,

We have implemented OpenNebula 4.14 with VCenter Server 6 successfully in our Labs.

We are able to perform all the operations on the VCenter Successfully , but are not able to Monitor the VCenter Datastore from OpenNebula.

Is there any process to connect to the Vcenter Datastore and Monitor it or VCenter only has the access to the Datastore.

Has anybody done this and executed successfully, please help us.


Ileshwar T


vCenter storage management is not supported in 4.14. We are working on this feature for 5.0:

How can we monitor and check the Storage incase of vmware VCenter Integration.

Do we need to again use the Vcenter to check the status of the storage?

Can we go ahead and make the current Version live and use it in production ?

Waiting for your Help.


Ileshwar T


That is correct, storage management is delegated in vCenter so information about storage capacity needs to be checked directly in vCenter.

The current version of OpenNebula is indeed ready for production. If you are planning to do so, you may be interested in OpenNebula Systems support subscription packages: