vCloud Driver - Cannot monitor after successful import of vCloud Air vDC

Hi! We are having some trouble connecting to our vCloud Air vDC using the latest VCLOUD driver. I can connect and import the datastores, networks and the vDC (as a host). Unfortunately I cannot manage anything thereafter, the Host shows ERROR state and the oned.log shows permission denied on each poll of of each datastore in the vDC. I am using an Org Admin account and the import process is just fine so I’m not sure why the monitoring of any items should be failing. Which API calls are being attempted?

This is most likely a permissions issue. The API calls are retrieving properties from VMs and ESX hosts.

Could you share the /var/log/one/oned.log file?

Makes sense then, we are connecting to a vCloud Air tenant account (It is multi-tenant) so we have no access rights to underlying ESX hosts. All of those API calls will fail due to permissions… How do you deal with multi-tenant vcloud director based environments?

OpenNebula assumes exclusive use and administrator access of a vCenter cluster. Maybe someone has already tried this scenario and can provide help.