VCPU Change is not refelcting inside a Migrtaed VM from Proxmox Virtual Environment

Hi All,

We are in the process of migrating one f our customer’s Windows 10 Pro VMs from Proxmox Virtual Environment. As an initial stage, we are testing in our Test POD which is built with OpenNebula Version 6.4.0. We tried to export the Virtual Machine by converting the logical volume to a qcow2 image. and uploaded to the Frontend and we created the Template and Deployed the VM. During this time we face two Issues and we found solutions as well. However, We would like to understand what was the actual reasons and solution,

  1. We create the VM image with BUS Type as QCOW2 and the VM is boot up with windows Troubleshooting (blue) screen.

As a solution: We change the BUS Type to Parallel ATA (IDE) and the VM is able to boot up the VM and able to login to the windows desktop.

  1. We have created the same VM with VCPU: CPU as 8:1 however the changes are not reflected inside the VM, and it showing as Virtual processor as 2 inside the VM.

As a solution: We have created the VM again by creating a new VM template with CPU Model as kvm64. and then after the VM bootup we are able to see the changes in the Virtual processor.

We would like to understand how we can have best practices for the different types of hypervisor stack migration to the OpenNebula KVM stack.