VM Proxmox to Opennebula

I am trying to migrate a virtual machine running on PROXMOX and I want to migrate to OpenNebula. The VM is one with O.S Windows 7. What I did was make a backup copy of Proxmox vm (No Snapshot) and it gave me a “.vma” file that weighs around 7 GBi. That file I transferred to my local PC so I could upload it in “Storage> Images”. Try uploading it as “so” and “CD” in raw as well as in qcow2. y When the VM is executed, the error that cannot find the boot boot appears.

¿Alguien ha migrado VM de ProxMox a Opennebula? Mi OpenNebula está en Ubuntu 20.04 tanto “Frontal” como “Nodo”

Hello, vma is proxmox specific backup file. You need to extract actual image from it. Check this Extracting data from *.vma file | Proxmox Support Forum

VMA contains VM configuration and all VM disks, all in one file.

@feldsam Hello. In a few words, should I extract that VMA file from the VM Proxmox and later with that VMA raise a VM in Opennebula and be able to conclude with the migration?

When I have unzipped the VMA file, how do I bring the content to OpenNebula?

Hello, when you issue vma extract command like it is in linked post, then you get raw image file. This raw image you can upload to opennebula where you can select qcow2 format if you want. Like this it should work.

@feldsam When I load this raw image to opennebula, will the disks with the information that I had in the VM ProxMox also be right there and be able to have it as is in Opennebula? It is a windows VM

if you have more that one disk attached to you vm, then you extract both disks and need to upload they to opennebula. Then you should mark they as persistent, create vm template and start vm

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Problem solved, I made a backup copy of the vm in prox mox (No snapshot) which throws a document “.vma” what I did was:
1- In the Proxmox server where my VM is, use the following command:

  • cd / var / lib / vz / dump /
  • vma extract vzdump-qemu-100-2021_04_12-15_45_02.vma / 100

vzdump-qemu-100-2021_04_12-15_45_02.vma ===> File “.vma”
/100 ===================================> VM ID in proxmox

2- Enter the vm folder. In this case it is 100, and inside it is the 32 gbs vm disk that you create. all I did was export the disk to nebula in .raw, create a windows template and manage that disk.