How to add Proxmox server to OpenNebula

I can add a Proxmox server to OpenNebula using resources from the Infrastructure section, right?
Please guide me. I only see support for VMWARE.

Hello @Thanhtuyen, and welcome to this forum,

Have you check this post?:

There’s a link to a whitepaper as well, that can be useful. If not, feel free to ask for more help here.

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Dear FrancJP, Thank you for the feedback.
I use Proxmox’s API and connect ONE to this API, right?
I see there is driver support for Vcenter, but Proxmox is hardly mentioned.
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Hello @Thanhtuyen,

I’m afraid that what you are looking is not possible, OpenNebula supports only the plain KVM, and not Proxmox API.
Depends on what your infrastructure needs, you can use Proxmox, or OpenNebula.


Dear FrancJP, Thank you the feedback.
Thank you for your assistance. Your information has been very helpful.
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Is it planned in future to add proxmox hosts/nodes into OpenNebula solution?