Virtualbox sandbox

hi all

i m new to opennebula
i have downloaded The sandbox virtual machine image pre-configured OpenNebula 5.6 front-end.
but it seems it doesnt contain all features like: create template .
can i add module to my virtual machine to activate it or i have to install a fresh version on linux system?

thanks in advance.

Maybe this will help you.

You must be logged in like an administrator (username: oneadmin, password: oneadmin), and to change view to administrator view.
In the browser at the top right, click on the username you entered. A drop-down menu appears in which you will select Views, and then select Admin.
In this way, you selected an admin view where you can create the first images and templates for virtual machines.
So you do not need to install a module or a new version of OpenNebula on the linux system.

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thank u Mr Miljan.

thanks a lot my friend.

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