VirtualNetwork Self-Provisioning and VLAN reservations


I would like each department in our company to be able to provision their own Virtual Networks.

Normally we reserve blocks of VLANs for each department and they administer them.

Is it possible to do something similar with OpenNebula? How?

Hello, they can just add new 802.1q network. You can adjust reserved VLAN ids in oned.conf and also start VLAN id for counting from. If you switches are capable of dynamic vlan (gvrp garp), that can be also used

Maybe we are over-complicating things.

What we had in mind was, for example, to assign VLAN IDs 100-199 to the department development and VLAN IDs 200-299 to the department marketing.

What I think you mean is that marketing and development can just go grabbing VLANs as they create VirtualNetworks…

it really doesn’t matter if each have a “block”, as long as they have their own set of virtual networks, right?

yes, there is no management for assigning vlan ids more sophisticated, but you can write own app and create networks via xml-rpc api.

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You could also pre create the vlans and assign these to the relevant users or groups essentially making them available for use e.g. accounting - vlan 100 - 199 , marketing 200 - 299, bulk create these and make them available to marketing and accounting accordingly , I actually scripted the bulk creation of something similar to this.

actually, this makes sense.
it is not self-provisioning, but with kind of resource, it doesn’t make a great difference.