Vm hardware changes update interval

hi all. when i change a vm’s settings from the vcenter side, should it reflect on the vm in the opennebula side? or should it be manually somehow? and if automatic, what’s the interval?

i’ve changed a vm network to a vm, and i don’t see the changes in the opennebula

thank you

Based on what I’ve experienced this is not the case. From OpenNebula’s perspective, it is the source of truth. You should be careful with what you are doing. There has been instances when I have made a simple change like memory or CPU on the vCenter side. OpenNebula for some reason looses connection to this system, or doesn’t get data from it anymore and the next time you try to force a reboot from OpenNebula, OpenNebula will commence a termination of the VM and recreate it.

thanks for the warning. in my case, because i’m new to the system and don’t “trust” it yet. i’ve disabled delete vm and delete datastore permissions from the vcenter user i’m using with the opennebula