Opennebula - vcenter user permissions


Does anyone know what permissions has to have the service user who uses opennebula to connect to vcenter?

Could it be that it is not a user with administration permissions on vcenter and that it can not delete?


Hi Sergi,
when connecting OpenNebula to vCenter you have two options:

  • Use an account declared as Administrator in vCenter or,
  • Create a user and grant the vCenter privileges required for the functionalities you want to use in OpenNebula.

You’ve the information about permissions here in the docs

In the other hand, you must take into account that some delete operations in OpenNebula do not imply a delete in vCenter, this is by design you don’t break your infrastructure by accident:

  • The following resources are NOT deleted in vCenter when deleted in OpenNebula: VM Templates, Networks and Datastores.
  • The following resource should be deleted in vCenter when deleted in OpenNebula: Images and Virtual Machines.


Hi Miguel,

Thanks for your response.

My problem was to delete virtual machines. If in opennebula I deleted a virtual machine, automatically the machine was deleted in vcenter!

Now, after you answer, I configured only privileges that I need in vCenter.