VM has less memory than allocated

When I allocate 1.5GB to a VM, the VM starts with 865MB of RAM. Do you can help me to fix or understand it? When I instantiate a VM with 1GB of RAM I can’t use it, since it ends with ~ 380MB.

I’m using OpenNebula 6.8.2 KVM Host and Sunstone 6.6 (another server).

Steps to reproduce:

Instantiate a VM with some memory size (in my case 1.5GB).

Current results:
A VM with much less RAM than expected.

Expected results:
The amount of RAM allocated.

Sunstone screenshot:

onevm show screenshot (1GB memory):

KVM info (1.5GB):

VM’s actual memory:

That behavior is probably related to the virtio memory balloon inflating and deflated. More details here.

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