VM not being monitored - DB issue

Hi again,

Long story short, I was migrating our mysql server from the old virtualization server. This mysql is used by ONE.
We have a master/master mysql that is supposed to be working fine, so I changed oned.conf and pointed DB to the other mysql.
I was able to copy the images, added them via oneimage, created vm and everything is OK.

Until today that I tried to add a new VM. I noticed that the mysql vm (VM 48) is not being monitored.
# grep 'VM 48' /var/log/one/oned.log
returns nothing.

The last VM being monitored is #47.

When trying to create a new VM I get:
[Z0][ONE][E]: SQL command was: INSERT INTO vm_pool…
error 1062 : Duplicate entry ‘48’ for key ‘PRIMARY’

Any ideas on how to fix this?


Running onedb fsck fixed it.