VMRC doesn't work

Hi, I have an issue using VMRC in vOneCloud OpenNebula.
For Sunstone GUI, when I click VMRC, I get “VM startvmrc_action: 6 >> test1”, where 6 is my VM’s ID, and test1 is my VM’s name", but nothing happens.
For FireEdge GUI, when I click VMRC, it gets an error “Request failed with status code 404”

SSH and RDP Client work fine in Sunstone GUI, RDP gets CLIENT_ERROR
There is no other option other than VMRC in FireEdge GUI.

VMware vCenter: 7.0.1
vOneCloud OpenNebula 6.4

New user cannot upload attachments so I upload my .conf files on TextUploader.com.
fireedge-server.conf: fireedge-server.conf - JustPaste.it
sunstone-server.conf: sunstone-server.conf - JustPaste.it
sunstone.log: sunstone.log - JustPaste.it
fireedge.log: fireedge.log - JustPaste.it
fireedge.error and fireedge.log are empty.

Hi Matthew,

I’ve the same issue.
Do you have solve it ?

Kind regard