Vmware cores and sockets

i can’t seem to find how to “play” with “sockets” in vmware
i have tried 5.12.3, 6.6.0
in both, no matter what i do, the nebula always selects a single socket.
even if i set a fresh clean vm, setup 4 virtual cpu and 2 sockets, and import it as a wild vm into the nebula, once i turn it on, it goes back to 1 socket.
am i doing something wrong?

thank you

Hello @Liorme,

Have you checked our Documentation?, I think part of what you are wondering here, can be found on this article: Virtual Topology and CPU Pinning — OpenNebula 6.6.2 documentation
Where it explains sockets and cluster management.


yes i did, thank you :slight_smile:
but maybe i’m missing something, i can’t get a vm to have (for example) 2 sockets and 4 vcpu. it always comes up (in vmware level) with 1 socket and 4 vcpu