vOneCloud for Proxmox

your vOneCloud is a great idea.
I hope you know pve proxmox:

  • opensource
  • kvm based
  • uses ceph
  • you can easily create a really HA cluster in few hours

Is it possible to do a vOneCloud similar thing for Proxmox?

vOneCloud is an OpenNebula distribution tailored for VMware environments.

OpenNebula over KVM offers the benefits you mention about Proxmox: opensource, KVM support, Ceph support, HA capabilities … and other features exclusive of OpenNebula: self-service provisioning, hybrid support, service elasticity…

We therefore recommend to try out OpenNebula over KVM to see if it fits your needs.

Already tried, as far I can see:

  1. proxmox installation is faster
  2. proxmox installation is error proof
  3. proxmox HA is stronger
  4. proxmox ceph support is a lot easier to install and it also web gui

Proxmox is not a cloud system but it is an hypervisor.