vOneCloud support for vSphere 5.5

I noticed versions > 3.2.1 are not listed as supporting vSphere 5.5. Is this a hard limit on functioning with vSphere 5.5 or just a limit on providing paid support for the later versions of vOneCloud appliance with vSphere 5.5?

vOneCloud is no longer certified over vSphere 5.5. Thus, it may work (no significant API changes), but we can’t ensure it works flawlessly.

So the OpenNebula 5.x.x installation is still certified for vSphere 5.5 but it’s not installed as an appliance but as a package in a Linux Install?
If we were to go to the length of deploying a more complicated/involved installation of OpenNebula instead of vOneClouod what would you say are the strengths (or weaknesses) of OpenNebula in comparison to feature set of comparable alternative like CloudStack or OpenStack? E.g. Federation of on premises hypervisors with and AWS/Google cloud deployments etc.

vOneCloud does not differ in any way from OpenNebula, it is simply OpenNebula shipped on a OVA ready to be deployed over a VMware based infrastructure.

Comparing OpenNebula and CloudStack / Open-Stack feature-wise is not an easy task, and I’d recommend to focus on your particular needs to evaluate which technology better suits them. If I had to highlight some aspect where OpenNebula excels, that’d be undoubtedly its easy of use and maintenance, as well as its robustness and scalability.

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Thanks for the response. I’ll be in touch with more detailed requirements over the next few weeks. What is the best channel to contact to discuss more detail on features and pricing?

Hi @GetOut,
Just send an email to sales@opennebula.io and one of our colleagues will get back to you with all the details.