Upgrade vOneCloud 3.4.1

Hello Support,

We’re using the vOneCloud Linux Appliance packaged with opennebula 5.10.3 . For many reasons we have to update vOneCoud to the latest version.

We’ve followed the online guide but nothing seems compatible. Is possible to upgrade to the latest version of vOneCloud ? Do we have to subscribe support ?


Hi @oloncle! vOneCloud is simply an evaluation tool, quite handy for testing OpenNebula on top of your VMware infra, but not intended for production environments. I’d recommend to install the latest 5.12 release, or just wait for a few weeks and get the new OpenNebula 6.0, once we release the stable version:

@amarti is there a limitation to the vONeCloud applicance then?

Hi @ekalkst!
From a technical point of view there are no limitations, vOneCloud comes with all the features you might need. Still, for a production environment we recommend not to run the OpenNebula front-end node(s) from an appliance but to follow our Cloud Reference Architecture: VMware Cloud Reference Architecture - White Paper – OpenNebula Customer Portal :nerd_face: